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Re: [Xen-devel] Lots of new warnings with gcc-7.1.1

Em Tue, 11 Jul 2017 15:35:15 -0700
Linus Torvalds <torvalds@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> escreveu:

> [ Very random list of maintainers and mailing lists, at least
> partially by number of warnings generated by gcc-7.1.1 that is then
> correlated with the get_maintainers script ]

Under drivers/media, I fixed a bunch of gcc 7.1 warnings before the
merge window. While most were just noise, some actually pointed to
human errors.

Now, gcc-7.1.1 produces only 6 warnings with W=1 on x86_64 (allyesconfig), 
either due to unused-but-set-variable or unused-const-variable. I guess
both warning options are disabled by default. Anyway, I have patches
to fix them already. I'll send you later.

The atomisp staging driver is a completely different beast, with would
produce itself a huge amount of warnings. I ended by adding some
logic on drivers/staging/media/atomisp/ Makefiles to disable them:

        ccflags-y += $(call cc-disable-warning, missing-declarations)
        ccflags-y += $(call cc-disable-warning, missing-prototypes)
        ccflags-y += $(call cc-disable-warning, unused-but-set-variable)
        ccflags-y += $(call cc-disable-warning, unused-const-variable)
        ccflags-y += $(call cc-disable-warning, suggest-attribute=format)
        ccflags-y += $(call cc-disable-warning, implicit-fallthrough)

(there's actually one patch pending related to atomisp, that I'll also
be sending you soon - meant to avoid warnings if compiled with an older
gcc version)


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