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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH v3 04/11] libxl: add generic function to add device

On Tue, Jul 4, 2017 at 12:41 PM, Oleksandr Grytsov <al1img@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>> >> > > I don't see exiting device ported to the new framework, why?
>>> >> >
>>> >> > Good question. I think it is a little dangerous and may introduce 
>>> >> > regression.
>>> >> > But definitely it should be done. I can do these changes but I don't 
>>> >> > have
>>> >> > visibility how to check each device.
>>> >>
>>> >> Please just do it. We have a lot of time during development and RC
>>> >> period for people to test your changes.
>>> >
>>> > And I forget to say, please use one patch for one device type.
>>> Should it be in this patch set or better to create new one for each device?
>> Those patches should be in this series.  One for each device for ease of
>> review please, and arrange it a way such that I can partially apply this
>> series.
> Ok. I will wait for your feedback about this series and will prepare v4 with
> fixes and changes for other devices.
> Thanks.

Hi Wei,

I've prepared new patch set. It is on my github [1].
I would appreciate if you review it before I send it.

The main changes are:
* libxl__device_add renamed to libxl__device_add_async and reworked
  to match the former design;
* libxl__device_add used for devices which don't require updating domain
  config but simple write to Xen Store (9pfs, vkb, vfb);
* following devices are changed to use the libxl__device_add:
  9pfs, vkb, vfb, nic, vtpm. Other device (console, pci, usb, disk) have
  very different adding pattern and require to unreasonable extend
  libxl__device_add_async and its parameters;
* disk device list changed to use libxl__device_list;
* small previous comments are applied.

[1] https://github.com/al1img/xen/tree/xl-vdispl-v4

Best Regards,
Oleksandr Grytsov.

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