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[Xen-devel] Call for Comment (by July 14) - NIST Platform Firmware Resiliency Guidelines

If you are working on EFI, secure boot or measured launch, this document may influence future hardware devices.  You can submit comments until this Friday.

NIST announces the public comment release of Draft Special Publication 800-193, Platform Firmware Resiliency Guidelines. The platform is a collection of fundamental hardware and firmware components needed to boot and operate a computer system. This document provides technical guidelines and recommendations supporting resiliency of platform firmware and data against potentially destructive attacks.  These draft guidelines promote resiliency in the platform by describing security mechanisms for protecting the platform against unauthorized changes, detecting unauthorized changes that occur, and secure recovery from attacks. This document is intended to guide implementers, including system manufacturers and and component suppliers, on how to use these mechanisms to build a strong security foundation into platforms.

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