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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH 4/6] xen/arm: platforms: Add Tegra platform to support basic IRQ routing

Hi Chris,

On 07/07/17 00:12, Chris Patterson wrote:

So why do you want the hardware domain to interact with the ictlr? Could not
you hide it completely?


What would happen if you enable the interrupt here for the guest? Should not
you do it when the guest is requesting to enable (see vgic_enable_irqs).

Also, how about EOI an interrupt?

We could possibly hide the legacy controller, but that has its own
challenges. Notably, the LIC allows configuration for forwarding FIQ
vs IRQ, and setting wake-up sources.

FIQ are not supported for domain. So I am not sure why you would want a guest to configure that.

Furthermore, could you explain what is wake-up sources and why a guest would need it?

If we accept limitations to those configurations, we could possibly
hide it entirely (or just for non-Dom0 guests with device
passthrough?), and then I think we would need platform hooks for
accomplishing the masking/unmasking/eoi alongside the vgic.  If we
don't want to limit the configuration options - we would need to
surface the mediated LIC in the device trees for guests with device

Will incorporate rest of review into next version, thanks!


Julien Grall

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