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Re: [Xen-devel] Interrupt issues with hvm_emulate_one_vm_event()

>>> On 25.05.17 at 11:40, <rcojocaru@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I've noticed that, with pages marked NX and vm_event emulation, we can
> end up emulating an ud2, for which hvm_emulate_one() returns
> X86EMUL_EXCEPTION in hvm_emulate_one_vm_event().

Could you explain what would lead to emulation of UD2?

> This, in turn, causes a hvm_inject_event() call in the context of
> hvm_do_resume(), which can, if there's already a pending event there,
> cause a 101 BSOD (timer-related, if I understand correctly) or loss of
> input (mouse frozen, keyboard unresponsive).
> After much trial and error, I've been able to confirm this by leaving a
> guest on for almost a full day with this change:
>      case X86EMUL_EXCEPTION:
> -        hvm_inject_event(&ctx.ctxt.event);
> +        if ( !hvm_event_pending(current) )
> +            hvm_inject_event(&ctx.ctxt.event);
> and checking that there's been no BSOD or loss of input.
> However, just losing the event here, while fine to prove that this is
> indeed the problem, is not OK. But I'm not sure what an elegant / robust
> way of fixing this is.

Much depends on what the other event is: If it's an interrupt, I'd
assume there to be an ordering problem (interrupts shouldn't be
injected when there is a pending exception, their delivery instead
should be attempted on the first instruction of the exception
handler [if interrupts remain on] or whenever interrupts get


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