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Re: [Xen-devel] passthrough

Dear John,

I would speak about XEN on ARM further.

Basically you need a passthrough in XEN terms in case you want a bus initiator (i.e. DMA capable) device to be assigned to DomU.

For a passive device it's pretty enough to assign MMIO ranges and interrupts using guest domain config. The pitfall here is that a device tree generated for guest domain by xen tools will not have any assigned device specific nodes.

But a setup with earlyprintk from one guest into the second console of a Salvator-X board is pretty straightforward. Something more complex will require additional hacks.

On 23.05.17 15:53, George John wrote:
Thanks for the reply. we are using renesas rcar h3 board. Does it supports?
XEN passthrough functionality relies on IOMMU. The R-Car Gen3 SoCs have a custom IOMMU named IPMMU. XEN does not support IPMMU yet.


*Andrii Anisov*

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