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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH RFC 0/6] qemu-xen-trad: sasl: add SASL support to VNC

Simon Waterman writes ("Re: [PATCH RFC 0/6] qemu-xen-trad: sasl: add SASL 
support to VNC"):
> It's not the QEMU in the stubdom that would need to be newer
> but rather the one that's spawned in domain-0 to provide the
> VNC backend when you use an IOEMU stubdom.  As I understand
> it this also needs to be qemu-xen-traditional but maybe
> I've got that wrong?

No, I don't think it does.

> I agree entirely that enabling upstream QEMU to be used
> here would be a better approach and that might be easier
> than getting it running inside the stubdom itself.


> Maybe I could look into that if it's not already supported.

Please do!  The relevant code is in libxl and shouldn't be too hard to

I think it would probably be right to just unconditionally use
qemu-xen rather than trad for the PV backend qemu.

> Has any thought been put into running the VNC server in
> the stubdom itself?  That might be nice as VNC access
> would be possible without access to the domain-0 at all.
> It might help with the 'rebootable' domain-0 work too as
> VNC connections wouldn't drop when the domain-0 is restarted.

I think if we had upstream qemu stubdomains, we would probably be able
to do something like this.


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