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Re: [Xen-devel] Questions about PVHv2/HVMlite

On 05/15/2017 03:51 PM, Gary R Hook wrote:
So I've been slogging through online docs and the code, trying to
understand where things stand with PVH.

I think my primary questions are:
  1) How do I identify a PVHv2/HVMlite guest?

[root@dhcp-burlington7-2nd-B-east-10-152-55-52 ~]# dmesg | grep PVH
[    0.000000] Booting paravirtualized kernel on Xen PVH
[root@dhcp-burlington7-2nd-B-east-10-152-55-52 ~]#

  2) Or, perhaps more importantly, what distinguishes said guest?

Simplifying things a bit, it's an HVM guest that doesn't have device model (i.e. qemu) and which is booted directly (i.e. without hvmloader)

I've got Xen 4.9 unstable built/installed/booted, and am running 4.10
kernels on my
dom0 and guests.

domU PVH support has been added in 4.11 kernel so you don't have it.

I've gotten a guest booted, and a basic Ubuntu 14.04 installed from a
distro ISO onto a
raw disk (a logical volume). All good.

If I use the example file /etc/xen/example.hvm to define a simple guest
(but no VGA:
nographic=1), I see that I have a qemu instance running, which I expect,
along with some

This is exactly the thing that PVH guests won't have. You are likely booting a regular HVM guest.

An PVH guest's config looks something like

        extra="root=/dev/xvda1 console=hvc0"
        name = "pvh"

(note device_model_version)


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