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[Xen-devel] Support of lguest?

Lguest and Xen pv-guests are the only users of pv_mmu_ops (with the
one exception of the .exit_mmap member, which is being used by Xen
HVM-guests, too).

As it is possible now to build a kernel without Xen pv-guest support
while keeping PVH and PVHVM support, I thought about putting most
pv_mmu_ops functions in #ifdef CONFIG_XEN_HAS_PVMMU sections. If there
wouldn't be lguest...

So my question: is anybody still using lguest or would like to keep it?

If yes, I'd add CONFIG_PARAVIRT_MMU selected by CONFIG_XEN_PV and

If no, I'd remove lguest support and just use CONFIG_XEN_HAS_PVMMU,
in case nobody would like me to use CONFIG_PARAVIRT_MMU even if
lguest isn't there any more.


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