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Re: [Xen-devel] [ARM] Native application design and discussion (I hope)

On 12.05.17 21:47, Volodymyr Babchuk wrote:
vcoproc driver should be able to work with real HW, probably it will
handle real IRQs from device, we need one instance of driver per
device, not per domain. Andrii can correct me, but vcoproc framework
is not tied to vcpus, so it can work in context of any vcpu. Thus, it
will be accounted for that vcpu, that happened to execute at current
moment. Probably, this is not fair.
I guess the mmio access emulation should be accounted per domain's vcpu. Context switching - per idle vcpu (xen itself).
Should it be two different "native apps"?

Can we run vcoproc driver in a stubdomain? Probably yes, if we can
guarantee latency (as if in real time system). Just one example: 60FPS
displays are standard at this time. 1/60 gives us 16ms to deliver
frame to a display. 16ms should be enough to render next frame,
compose it, deliver to a display controller. Actually it is plenty of
time (most of the time). Now imagine that we want to share one GPU
between two domains. Actual render tasks can be very fast, lets say 1
ms for each domain. But to render both of them, we need to switch GPU
context at least two times (one time to render Guest A task, one time
to render Guest B task). This gives us 8ms between switches. If we
will put vcoproc driver to a stubdomain, we will be at mercy of vCPU
scheduler. It is good scheduler, but I don't know if it suits for this
use case. 8ms is an upper bound. If there will be three domains
sharing GPU, limit will be 6 ms. And, actually, one slice per domain
is not enough, because domain may be willing to render own portion
later. So, 1 ms will be more realistic requirement. I mean, that
stubdom with coproc driver should be scheduled every 1ms not matter of
With native apps (or some light stubdomain) which will be scheduled
right when it is needed - this is much easier task.

At least, this is my vision of vcoproc driver problem. Andrii can
correct me, if I'm terribly wrong.
All above is correct enough.


*Andrii Anisov*

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