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Re: [Xen-devel] [Outreachy] Adding Floating Point support to Mini-OS Project

Hi Juliana,

On 13/05/17 00:17, Juliana Rodrigues wrote:
> Hello Juergen,
> I've learnt about your project through the Outreachy Projects List
> <https://wiki.xenproject.org/wiki/Outreach_Program_Projects>. I'm
> currently on the third year of my computer science bachelors course and
> I'm very much interested to know more about the project you proposed,
> since would allow me to learn a lot about Operating Systems.

Thanks for your interest on this project!

I hope you are aware of the fact that the application period for
Outreachy 2017 is over, so you won't be able to participate in this

In case you are just looking for an interesting project to work on
you are welcome, of course!

> I've sent some patches for the Linux kernel and have also developed some
> device drivers for research and study purposes on the last few years. I
> have little knowledge of ASM, but I'm very willing to learn.

That's a good starting point. :-)

> That said, I'd like to know if there are any small tasks or bugs that
> you believe would be nice to be addressed in order to get to know the
> project better or to develop some of the required habilities. (:

I think the best would be to start with trying to build Xen locally and
get it running. See:


how to do it.

Try to install the built Xen binaries on a test system and boot into it.

In case of problems or questions


is a good starting point for finding relevant information.


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