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Re: [Xen-devel] HPET enabled in BIOS, not presented as available_clocksource -- config, kernel code, &/or BIOS?

On 13/05/2017 21:05, PGNet Dev wrote:
> On 5/13/17 12:59 PM, Andrew Cooper wrote:
>> Ok.  Lack of a clocksource is to be expected.
>> The reason why the HPETs are unavailable is that dom0 is not a position
>> to program them; dom0 doesn't know what Xen has set up in the IDT.
>> Use `xl dmesg` to get to the hypervisor dmesg log.  You should see
>> mention of the HPET in there if Xen has found it.
> back to the error at hand ...
>  xl dmesg | grep -i hpet
>   [    1.365876] hpet_acpi_add: no address or irqs in _CRS
>   [    1.365876] hpet_acpi_add: no address or irqs in _CRS
> again, only present when booting with Xen.
> same kernel, no Xen, no such error.

We don't have code like that in upstream Xen.  No function with that
name, or a string which looks like that error message.

http://marc.info/?l=linux-kernel&m=149464267427111&w=2 indicates that
you are using a SuSE hypervisor.

Jan/Juergen: Any ideas? This looks as if it is something local to your
patch queue.


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