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Re: [Xen-devel] [ARM] Native application design and discussion (I hope)

Hi Julien,

On 11 May 2017 at 13:07, Julien Grall <julien.grall@xxxxxxx> wrote:
> Looking again at the documentation and chatting with other ARM folks. I was
> wrong on some part, sorry for the confusion.
Thank you for this investigation. One can't fit whole ARMv8 TRM in one's head :)

> It turns out that if you don't need to flush the TLBs when disabling the
> HCR_EL2.VM (this is what Linux does for KVM). So disabling stage-2 for EL0
> app would be ok.
Aha, these are good news.

> But you still need to allocate a VMID per EL0 app as TLBs will still depend
> on it even with stage-2 disabled.
I see. But I will need to allocate VMID in any case, right?

> Even if we keep stage-2 enabled, we would have to create dummly page tables
> of stage-1 because the memory attribute would impact performance and at
> least not allow the EL0 app to move (see D4.2.8 in ARM DDI
> 0487A.k_iss10775). In this case, 1:1 page tables with a block map (e.g 1GB)
> would be sufficient and rely on stage-2 page tables.
Yes, I did exactly this in my PoC.  I'm was curious on disabling
stage-2 because I don't want to mess with p2m context save/restore
functions. Good to know that it is possible.

> Lastly, can you remind me with platform you are using for testing?
It is Renesas Rcar Gen3. It is Big-Little platform, but currently we
use only four A57 cores.

WBR Volodymyr Babchuk aka lorc [+380976646013]
mailto: vlad.babchuk@xxxxxxxxx

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