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Re: [Xen-devel] [RFC PATCH 4/4] arm/mem_access: Add software guest-page-table walk


>> What you currently do is try gva_to_ipa and if it does not work >> you will call p2m_gva_to_ipa. This sounds a bit pointless to me and >> waste of time if the underlying memory of stage-1 page table is >> protected. > > But we don't know that the stage-1 page table is protected until the > hardware based lookup fails. I can turn your argument around and say > doing the software based lookup is pointless and a waste of time > when the stage-1 table is not protected. Which is by the way what I > would expect to see in most cases.

I agree with Tamas: I also believe that in most cases the stage-1 translation table won't be protected. So, in my opinion, falling back to software (which will be presumablly a rare operation) is the better approach.


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