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Re: [Xen-devel] Security support scope (apropos of Xen and CNA)

Tim Deegan writes ("Re: Security support scope (apropos of Xen and CNA)"):
> Ah, so it is.  So there is information on the wiki page that's not in
> MAINTAINERS.  Could that be moved into MAINTAINERS?  There are
> a few things that don't map well to maintainership of specific
> files, e.g. "vMCE" or nested virtualization.  But on the whole I
> think that adding clauses for them would be OK.

I think this is quite awkward, really.  MAINTAINERS is about files,
and implementations.  The security support status is about parts of
interfaces, which don't map at all well.

We could add no-files stanzas, but how would you tell what they
referred to ?


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