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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH] x86/ioreq server: Fix DomU reboot couldn't work when using p2m_ioreq_server p2m_type

> >>> On 04.05.17 at 00:15, <xiong.y.zhang@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > 'commit 1679e0df3df6 ("x86/ioreq server: asynchronously reset
> > outstanding p2m_ioreq_server entries")' will call
> > p2m_change_entry_type_global() which set entry.recalc=1. Then
> > the following get_entry(p2m_ioreq_server) will return
> > p2m_ram_rw type.
> > But 'commit 6d774a951696 ("x86/ioreq server: synchronously reset
> > outstanding p2m_ioreq_server entries when an ioreq server unmaps")'
> > assume get_entry(p2m_ioreq_server) will return p2m_ioreq_server
> > type, then reset p2m_ioreq_server entries. The fact is the assumption
> > isn't true, and sysnchronously reset function couldn't work. Then
> > ioreq.entry_count is larger than zero after an ioreq server unmaps,
> > finally this results DomU reboot couldn't work.
> >
> > This patch will let get_entry(p2m_ioreq_server) return
> > p2m_ioreq_server type instead of p2m_ram_rw type when the type of
> > ioreq_server entries havn't been written. The actual type change
> > happens in recalc funciton.
> I think this is the wrong solution to the problem: get_entry() is
> supposed to return the new type, when a type change was done
> but hasn't got pushed through the page table hierarchy. One
> option I can see would be to add a new flag to p2m_query_t,
> allowing to retrieve the currently recorded type instead of the
> mandated active one. Another might be to relax
> p2m_finish_type_change()'s old type check, accepting that this
> would lead to unnecessary calls to p2m_change_type_one(). It
> may be possible to avoid some of the extra overhead by e.g.
> also looking at the retrieved order - p2m_ioreq_server pages
> can only be order-0 right now, so higher order pages could be
> skipped.
[Zhang, Xiong Y] Thanks for your good propose, I will follow them
and report them later.
> Jan

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