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Re: [Xen-devel] Xen ARM community call - meeting minutes and date for the next one

Hi all,

A quick reminder, the Community Call will be tomorrow (Wednesday 3rd May) at 5PM BST.

For joining the call, please use either:

Call            +44 1223 406065 (Local dial in)
and enter the access code below followed by # key.
Participant code: 4915191

Mobile Auto Dial:
        VoIP: voip://+441223406065;4915191#
        iOS devices: +44 1223 406065,4915191 and press #
        Other devices: +44 1223 406065x4915191#

Additional Calling Information:

UK +44 1142828002
US CA +1 4085761502
US TX +1 5123141073
JP +81 453455355
DE +49 8945604050
NO +47 73187518
SE +46 46313131
FR +33 497235101
TW +886 35657119
HU +36 13275600
IE +353 91337900

Toll Free

UK 0800 1412084
US +1 8668801148
CN +86 4006782367
IN 0008009868365
IN +918049282778
TW 08000 22065
HU 0680981587
IE 1800800022
KF +972732558877


On 20/04/17 17:44, Julien Grall wrote:
Hi all,

Below the meeting minutes for the previous Xen community call. Feel free to
reply if I missed some parts.

I suggest to have the next call on the 3rd May at 5PM BST. Any opinions.

Also, do you have any specific topic you would like to talk during this


== Attendees ==

Stefano, Aporeto
Julien, ARM
Oleksandr, EPAM
Volodymir, EPAM
Edgar, Xilinx
Anasatasios, OnApp

== SMC and EL0 App ==

Some SMC call may be sensitive to latency (e.g power down).

Stefano: We would need to be able to decide whether SMC are emulated in
EL0 or EL2.

Edgar: Shall I wait EL0 App support before resending the series to
forward SMC on Zynqmp [1]?

Answer: No need to wait, the current approach is fine for now.

Xen EL0 update from Volodymir:
    * Thread started on xen-devel (see [2])
    * Stefano suggested to create and share a small example
    * Plan -> Post the patches on github + writing document

== IOMMU ==

Xen does not support the generic IOMMU bindings.

ACTION: Needs to be fixed ASAP. Potentially on Xen 4.9?

== Reserve region support in DT ==

Reserve region is not mapped in DOM0, though they should be mapped. DMA
API will allocate memory for those regions.

There was a discussion about that few months ago (see [3]). This would
need to be followed-up.

== Cross-compiling ==

Anastasios: We are looking at support Xen in Buildroot. The use case is
a small initramfs.

Potential task: Keep Xen updated on buildroot. Anastasios could help on

Stefano: Xen is compiling fine with Yocto.

ACTION: Stefano to write a wiki page about using meta-virtualization on

Release update

Stefano might keep a branch around to keep patches which target the next

[3] https://lists.xen.org/archives/html/xen-devel/2016-11/msg02295.html

Julien Grall

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