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Re: [Xen-devel] [ARM] Native application design and discussion (I hope)


On 27/04/17 16:25, George Dunlap wrote:
A couple of notes:

- I think these things will inevitably end up being somewhat
complicated.  We should always strive for simplicity and flexibility,
but the main thing is that we should use the right tool for the right
job: This is for handling synchronous events from a single vcpu in at
vcpu's context (both scheduling and permission-wise).  Handling things
from multiple domains should be handled with a classic domain.

- This looks a lot like the the deprivileged emulator work done by that
intern many years ago -- whoever ends up implementing this, it might be
worth looking at those patches.

I agree here, I was actually expecting a similar work for ARM. For reference, George is speaking about:



Julien Grall

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