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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH v11]xen: sched: convert RTDS from time to event driven model

>>> On 18.03.16 at 05:09, <mengxu@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Great job! However, we still have 1 mile in the 100-mile journey. :-D
> I applied the patch on staging and tried some test cases. One of them
> is as follows:
> I tried to create a cpupool and then migrate a VM to the new cpupool;
> However, the system triggers the bug as below. I guess this is some
> kind of bug that are known to us,  and Dario had some uncommitted
> patch to fix it, IIRC?

In the context of this patch the most relevant question is: Is this
an issue with the patch, or one that existed already before? After
all that's what we're in need to know whether the change can go
in. And skimming over the patch, it doesn't seem to alter code
related to where you see things blow up.


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