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Re: [Xen-devel] Xen Project Infrastructure Maintenance: xenbits (Jan 28), qemu-bitslave & mail & downloads.xenproject.org (Feb 1), lists & etherpad (Feb 4th)

Hi all,
this is a quick note to let you note that we are deferring the upgrades that 
were originally planned on Feb 1 and 4th. We ran into some issues with the Jan 
28th upgrade, which would occur again. We are working with Rackspace to find a 
solution that avoids the issues we have seen on the 28th. Once we have a 
solution, we will re-schedule the planned upgrades.
Best Regards

> On 27 Jan 2016, at 16:48, Lars Kurth <lars.kurth.xen@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> we are rebooting a number of Xen Project services in the next few days to 
> upgrade operating systems. This means that a few services may be temporarily 
> unavailable. The following websites are affected and will be done during the 
> times below. If you notice any issues after the reboot, please reply to this 
> mail or check on the #xeninfra IRC channel.
> = Jan 28, 7am - 9am UTC : affecting xenbits =
> Affected services: Xen Project source code repositories, automatically 
> generated xenproject docs, list of security vulnerabilities
> If you need to clone or commit to any affected repositories please do so 
> before or after
> = Feb 1, 7am - 9am UTC : affecting qemu-bitslave and xenproject.org mail 
> aliases and downloads.xenproject.org =
> Affected services: qemu-bitslave, mail server, DNS and 
> downloads.xenproject.org
> Note that mails to e-mails using foo-bar@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx may be delayed during 
> the maintenance window. 
> = Feb 4, 7am - 9am UTC : affecting xen project mailing lists & ether pad =
> Affected services: all foo@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx mailing lists and ether pads
> Note that mails to all mailing lists will be delayed during the maintenance 
> window
> Best Regards
> Lars

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