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Re: [Xen-devel] Error booting Xen

On Tue, 2016-01-26 at 23:32 +0530, Harmandeep Kaur wrote:
> Last time, I did absolutely nothing. System was idle
> and it crashed just after the login. Now, I booted the
> system again and this time, there is no reset. But,
> performance of the system is very slow. Browser
> (Mozilla Firefox) freezes a lot. Also, before applying
> patches, when I used to disabe xsave it resulted in
> same kind of performance issues. 
Mmm... are you sure the performance is actually affected by "xsave=0",
and/or by Jan's patch? It's hard to check, as without at least one of
them the box does not boot, but I don't think the things (e.g., Firefox
freezing or not starting) are necessarily related.

In particular, you have in your Xen boot parameters list, this item:


This means that, in dom0, you will "only" have 1GB of RAM available.
And if you just login after boot and start Firefox, dom0 is where
Firefox is going to be running... and 1G, that Firefox will have to
share with the rest of Linux running as dom0, may be too few RAM for
it. And in fact, in your last log, we see this (from dom0, not from

[ÂÂ851.644443] Out of memory: Kill process 1945 (firefox) score 325 or 
sacrifice child
[ÂÂ851.644461] Killed process 1945 (firefox) total-vm:1228008kB, 
anon-rss:305536kB, file-rss:0kB

If you want to run a graphical environment on that test box, and browse
with Firefox, then you should increase the amount of RAM you allow dom0
to use. When I suggested you to use 1024, I was assuming (given how
your work environment is setup) you were not going to do any such

> And the following
> is still present in the log.
> (XEN) traps.c:3290: GPF (0000): ffff82d0801c1cea -> ffff82d080252e5c
> (XEN) d1v1 fault#1: mxcsr=00001f80
> (XEN) d1v1 xs=0000000000000003 xc=8000000000000000
> (XEN) d1v1 r0=0000000000000000 r1=0000000000000000
> (XEN) d1v1 r2=0000000000000000 r3=0000000000000000
> (XEN) d1v1 r4=0000000000000000 r5=0000000000000000
> (XEN) traps.c:3290: GPF (0000): ffff82d0801c1cea -> ffff82d080252e5c
> (XEN) d1v1 fault#2: mxcsr=00001f80
> (XEN) d1v1 xs=0000000000000000 xc=0000000000000000
> (XEN) d1v1 r0=0000000000000000 r1=0000000000000000
> (XEN) d1v1 r2=0000000000000000 r3=0000000000000000
> (XEN) d1v1 r4=0000000000000000 r5=0000000000000000
Mmm... and this is with all Jan's patches applied?

So, just to make sure we understand each others, you're saying that,
again with all patches applied, and with you not doing anything
significantly different between a) and b) below, the system either:

Âa) crashes right after login, like this:Âhttp://paste2.org/KEAetMHb

Âb) does not crash (you're even able to try starting Firefox), but Xen
  produces the following output: http://paste2.org/C8WpyKOg

Is this correct?

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Dario Faggioli, Ph.D, http://about.me/dario.faggioli
Senior Software Engineer, Citrix Systems R&D Ltd., Cambridge (UK)

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