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[Xen-devel] pre Sandy bridge IOMMU support (gm45)

Hey devs,

Thinkpad x200 p8600 laptops have vt-d, vt-x and tpm. They also have intel integrated graphics 4 Series (gm45 chipset), supported through i915 driver.

In December, a fix got introduced to Xen 4.6 through iommu=no-igfx switch. Before that fix, it was impossible to boot xen without passing iommu=0.

With iommu=no-igfx passed on, Qubes boots xen, kernel, dom0 and domu until some graphic rendering is done from a domu to dom0 xserver.

I'm trying to push forward IOMMU support of gm45 chipset here. The problem is between i915 and xen iommu support for sure, but there is no crash or interesting debugging information given on a serial console.

Any dev help is welcome since that beast and t400 would be excellent Qubes candidates once that problem is fixed. I posted in December on the list just before Christmas but I guess the timing wasn't right;)

Thanks for your help.
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