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Re: [Xen-devel] Xen PV PTE ABI (or lack thereof)

>>> On 21.01.16 at 14:17, <andrew.cooper3@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> On 21/01/16 12:59, Jan Beulich wrote:
>>>>> For the PTE bits, _PAGE_GNTTAB (bit 62) is used exclusively in debug
>>>>> build (so there is a guest observable difference between running on a
>>>>> debug and a non-debug Xen), and the comment beside it even identifies
>>>>> that it breaks BSD guests.  PTE bits 62:59 used by hardware if  CR4.PKE
>>>>> is set.  Currently this means that we are not able to support Protection
>>>>> Key for PV guests (although this restriction technically only applies to
>>>>> debug builds of the hypervisor).
>>>>> The other PTE bit used by Xen is _PAGE_GUEST_KERNEL (bit 52).  This bit
>>>>> is used to notice when a 64bit PV guest attempts to override the fixup
>>>>> Xen applies to its PTEs.  Xen unilaterally sets _PAGE_GLOBAL for user
>>>>> pages, and clears _PAGE_GLOBAL for supervisor mappings, setting
>>>>> _PAGE_USER in both cases as the PV kernel runs in ring3.  The only thing
>>>>> _PAGE_GUEST_KERNEL is used for is to notice when the kernel deliberately
>>>>> tries to create a _PAGE_GUEST_KERNEL|_PAGE_GLOBAL, at which point a
>>>>> warning is logged and the kernel overridden.
>>>>> Neither of the used PTE bits exist in the Xen public ABI.  Neither of
>>>>> them serve a purpose other than a debugging aid.
>>>>> I propose hiding them behind CONFIG_PV_PTE_DEBUG and declaring an ABI of
>>>>> "all bits available for guest use".
>>>> And a kernel using any of the conflicting bits would then become
>>>> unusable on a hypervisor with that debug option enabled? I'd
>>>> rather see us document the state things are in...
>>> _PAGE_GNTMAP is already states:
>>> /*
>>>  * Debug option: Ensure that granted mappings are not implicitly unmapped.
>>>  * WARNING: This will need to be disabled to run OSes that use the spare PTE
>>>  * bits themselves (e.g., *BSD).
>>>  */
>> But that's (assuming the use of the two bits were spelled out) a
>> guest OS not fully playing by the spec. To me, "available" PTE bits
>> being shared implies that some of them may be claimed by Xen,
>> while others may be claimed by guests. You're right that this needs
>> to be written down, but I don't think we need to go as far as
>> forbidding Xen to use any of them. And even less so should we
>> preclude their use for any purpose going forward.
> I do not want to make an ABI which mandates the use of certain bits by Xen.

Agreed, but that doesn't match what I said: We also shouldn't
make an ABI precluding use of some of the bits by Xen.

>> In the end, with (as it seems) not much effort this could even be
>> made dynamic: A guest could advertise which of the bits it doesn't
>> use, and then Xen could pick two of them for the two purposes it
>> currently needs them for. Should a guest leave no or just one bit
>> available, the debugging aid could then be disabled.
> This is unnecessarily complicated.  It only helps going forward, and
> leaves Xen with substantially more complicated PTE handling.

Substantially? Instead of using a constant, we'd use a per-domain
variable. Not much of a complication afaict.

> What happens if at some point later, we try to boot a PV guest which has
> a different PTE layout to what Xen has chosen?  We definitely can't
> update every PTE with a newly-chosen layout.

Just to re-iterate: A per domain selection of bit mask(s).

>>> I was intending to have CONFIG_PV_PTE_DEBUG as an EXPERT option,
>>> disabled by default even in debug builds.
>>> There should not be an ABI difference between release and "normal" debug
>>> builds.
>> Well, I see your point, but as said above I'm not convinced
>> disabling all that code is the right solution. In fact, what you
>> propose is not far away from removing that code altogether.
> The two bits are only used for specialised debugging.  They should be
> relegated to people doing specific debugging, and not interfere with the
> overwhelming majority of cases where Xen doesn't need to use any
> software available PTE bits.

Your repeated claim that _PAGE_GUEST_KERNEL is purely debugging only
makes we wonder how you would mean to adjust adjust_guest_l1e() with
that flag gone (most notably the last of its if()-s).


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