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Re: [Xen-devel] [RFC v1 2/8] tables.h: add linker table support

On January 20, 2016 3:15:48 PM PST, Michael Brown <mcb30@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>> + * To solve this problem linker tables can be used on Linux, it
>enables you to
>>> + * always force compiling of select features that one wishes to
>avoid bit-rot
>>> + * while still enabling you to disable linking feature code into
>the final
>>> + * kernel image or building certain modules if the features have
>been disabled
>>> + * via Kconfig. The code is derivative of gPXE linker table's
>I missed the start of this thread.  However, asking as the author of
>original Etherboot/gPXE/iPXE linker table solution: please change all 
>references from "gPXE" to "iPXE".

Yes, that request has already been made :)
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