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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH V13 5/5] xl: add pvusb commands

Chunyan Liu writes ("[PATCH V13 5/5] xl: add pvusb commands"):
> Add pvusb commands: usbctrl-attach, usbctrl-detach, usb-list,
> usbdev-attach and usbdev-detach.

Thanks for swapping this with the other patch.  It is better now.

> +=item B<usbctrl-attach> I<domain-id> I<usbctrl-device>

However, I think you need to explictly state that the user may (and
indeed, must) pass multiple settings as separate arguments.  AFAICT
the parser here doesn't do the ,-splitting.

> +I<usbctrl-device> describes the device to attach, using the same format
> +as the B<usbctrl> string in the domain config file. See L<xl.cfg> for
> +more information.

And this, therefore, is not quite true.

To be clear, I think that you should fix the documentation to match
the code.


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