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[Xen-devel] Xen Test Framework


I present the Xen Test Framework, a project for small, quick, component
tests of VM functionality.

Without repeating the history verbatim, this is the result of a project
started out of necessary while investigating XSA-106, which I considered
useful enough to pursue properly.

Documentation is available from
and source from

XenServer is now using the tests as part of automatic testing, and I
have a load more tests in various states of disrepair which I will be
cleaning up and upstreaming in due course.

Longterm, I wish to include micro performance tests as well as
functional tests, and for the tests to be run by default in OSSTest.

As the tests themselves run quickly (currently the longest tests is 0.1s
on my test box), they should be convenient for developer use as well.

Thoughts, comments?


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