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Re: [Xen-devel] A couple of HVMlite loose ends

El 13/01/16 a les 16.56, Juergen Gross ha escrit:
> On 13/01/16 16:49, Roger Pau Monné wrote:
>>  b) Setting up the initial MTRR state from libxl/libxc for HVMlite DomU
>> and from the Xen domain builder for HVMlite Dom0. This again implies
>> some functional duplication of MTRR related code, since now we would
>> have 3 different places where MTRR is setup. One inside hvmloader for
>> classic HVM guests, another one inside of libxl/libxc for HVMlite DomU
>> and yet another one in the Dom0 building for HVMlite Dom0.

Moving the code to xen/common/lib<blah> is not suitable in this case (or
so I think), because hvmloader runs inside of the guest (just like a
regular BIOS firmware), while we would need to do this from the outside
for HVMlite guests (using mtrr_def_type_msr_set, mtrr_fix_range_msr_set
and mtrr_var_range_msr_set).


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