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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH v2 2/2] xen: convert XSM_ENABLE to Kconfig

Doug Goldstein writes ("[Xen-devel] [PATCH v2 2/2] xen: convert XSM_ENABLE to 
> Converts the existing XSM_ENABLE flag from Config.mk to CONFIG_XSM
> within Kconfig. This also re-adds the dependency of CONFIG_FLASK on

Some version of these patches were applied to xen.git#staging last
week as:
  b36bf230 "convert FLASK_ENABLE to Kconfig"
  2b2ab5d8 "convert XSM_ENABLE to Kconfig"
  9754544a "fix missing XSM_ENABLE change"

They made it through to xen.git#smoke.  However, osstest was not
ready, so that old osstest would generate non-XSM tests when it
intended to test XSM.  To avoid XSM-related regressions sneaking in,
these patches were referted in xen.git [1].

The corresponding osstest.git change, which is (we think) compatible
with both old and new xen.git, has now made it through the osstest

We can reapply the xen.git XSM/FLASK Kconfig patches now.  We should
check the first test report on a xen-unstable containing the
reapplication, to verify that XSM is actually enabled in the XSM

For the future, it would be really good if the osstest XSM tests
attempted some forbidden operations and verified that they failed.  If
we had that at the start of all this then the config
regression/incompatibility would have been caught by those tests.

Such patches to osstest would be very welcome and I'd be happy to


[1] Also, the osstest push gate from xen.git#smoke to xen.git#master
was stopped.  Since the xen.git reverts have made it to #smoke it is
now fine to restart the xen.git#smoke to xen.git#master push gate.

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