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Re: [Xen-devel] Missing libvirt+libxl functionality (Was: Re: [Xen-users] Programmatic administration of Xen machines)

On Thu, Jan 07, Jim Fehlig wrote:

> The 'iscsi:iqn.2006-09.de.suse@0ac47ee2-216e-452a-a341-a12624cd0225' blob was
> passed wholesale to xend, which would eat it and "do the right thing". AFAIK,
> libxl is not that forgiving. I've cc'd Olaf on this thread since we recently
> discussed how libvirt+libxl might support external block scripts. As I recall,
> we didn't have an novel ideas.

I think the "raw" string is known to libvirts libxl driver. It could do
a strncmp() and fill also ->script. Then libxl would call that thing by
itself, libvirt does not need to know about such internals. Of course
that would mean an additional "script=$path" is still not supported  by
libvirt. But thats not a loss because whoever is relying on can just
copy its own file into XEN_SCRIPT_DIR. After all only our own dmmd thing
requires a script because that is its whole purpose (carry the block
configuration along with the vm configuration).


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