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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH 0/4] Allow schedulers to be selectable through Kconfig

Ian Campbell writes:

> I don't see this as contrary to your stated goals (e.g. ripping out all the
> other schedulers), but I consider you to be within the expert camp for
> wanting to do so (and having the chops to handle whatever pieces you find
> yourselves with). I have no objections at all to allowing experts such as
> yourselves to configure things and I applaud you for doing this in an
> upstream way (it is the right thing to do).
> My concern is that while you rightly consider yourselves expert enough and
> are building something for a specific (and AIUI targeted) use case many
> normal users tend to think that if they are expert enough to find and flip
> the switch then they are expert enough to deal with the consequences, when
> they are not and/or they do not have the specific use case which the switch
> was added to support i.e. they want common or garden Xen and we want that
> to mean the same for everyone.
> It's those people (including general purpose distro maintainers) who I
> think need to be strongly discouraged from messing with these options
> because there will be a strong gravity towards them doing so.

So, if I add a patch in a v3 of this series that introduces a
CONFIG_EXPERT option and hides all of the scheduler options behind that,
would that be acceptible? That is a proposal that was mentioned on this
thread before. Is there any specific language that you would like to
have around the CONFIG_EXPERT option?

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