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Re: [Xen-devel] what's the type of nested xen? HVM or PV?

On Thu, 24 Dec 2015, quizyjones wrote:
> Happy Holiday, guys. God tell me that I should work this out before celebrate 
> ; )I create a HVM first, then
> compile Xen on it. The dom0 of this Xen is a PV. So is this nested xen a HVM 
> or a PV? It's hard to differentiate
> when concerning to enable events as only HVM supports events.

Xen itself, the hypervisor, is neither HVM or PV. HVM and PV are types
of virtual machines; the distinction doesn't apply to the hypervisor.

Dom0 is always PV (unless you use PVH which is experimental and not
something you would use by chance).

All the other nested guests are going to be PV unless you passed
nestedhvm=1 in your external VM config file. If you passed nestedhvm=1,
you can start both nested PV and HVM guests.

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