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[Xen-devel] [PATCH RFC v1 00/14] xen: arm: support for save restore and dead migration

For arm32 + gicv2 systems the following supports apparently successful
save/restore as well dead migrate a domain.

There are several caveats/blockers, hence RFC.

 * GIC v2 support only, no GIC v3 at all
 * ARM32 only. Doesn't even build for ARM64 (vfp state handling needs
 * No live migration, only "dead" (no logdirty support yet)
 * Have not fully audited the set of state which needs to be saved (i.e. I
   might have missed some registers or something)

On the flip side, thanks to migration v2 the toolstack side of this
practically trivial.

This is (of course) using the current Xen hvm blob handling strata, which I
believe there are plans afoot to rework along the lines of the libxc/libxl
migration v2 protocol.

For now I have no problem waiting and reworking in that vein as things
progress, clearly the blockers/caveats (logdirty support in particular) are
going to take some time to sort out.
This is all based (very distantly) on some original patches from Evgeny
Fedotov and Junghyun Yoo (both of Samsung) however very little of that code
remains here.

As well as the Xen series there will be a single Linux patch too, I'll only
CC ARM folks on that one.


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