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[Xen-devel] [Xen 4.7] tmem todos


Way back in Shenghai we had a chat about what needs to be done
in tmem for the 4.6 release. Things got done, but there are other
things that need to be done:

 a) Migration v2 support
 b) Fix the toolstack (cleanup)
 c) tmem tze, dedup, and zlib code drop
 d) simplify the internal structs
 e) Make it work on 5TB and higher
 f) And finally security audit.

In 4.6 I did an conversion of moving the sysctl related tmem
to the sysctl hypercall. That cleaned up the code a bit and made
it fit nicer in the appropiate architecture bins.

The next step will be to follow that and actually seperate
the tmem C code - one file for sysctl and the other for tmem operations.

That will allow me to focus then on the b), and c) part.
a) is going to be the stretch goal that I will try to get done
(at least an RFC). The nice side benefit is that I will be better
equipped to review the REMUS patches so an extra reviewer.

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