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[Xen-devel] RFC: making the PVH 64bit ABI as stable


The document describing the PVH interface was committed 9 months ago
[1], and since then there hasn't been any change regarding the
interface. PVH is still missing features in order to have feature parity
with pure PV, mainly:

 - DomU miration support.
 - PCI passthrough support.
 - 32bit support.
 - AMD support.

AFAICT however none of these features are going to change the current
ABI. PCI passthrough might expand it, by adding new hypercalls, but I
don't think this should prevent us from marking the current ABI as
stable. ARM for example doesn't have PCI passthrough yet or migration
support, but the ABI has been marked as stable.

To that end, I would like to request the 64bit PVH ABI to be marked as
stable for DomUs. This is needed so external projects (like PVH support
for grub2) can progress.



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