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Re: [Xen-devel] Is: kexec & EFI Was: Re: EFI GetNextVariableName crashes when running under Xen, but not under Linux. efi-rs=0 works. No memmap issues

>>> On 30.01.15 at 16:09, <daniel.kiper@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I suppose that we should provide additional kexec hypercall
> function which will return info about RS. kexec-tools should
> load new kernel as usual and add relevant argument to its
> command line. Most things are in place so we should just
> learn kexec-tools to do new things.

There is a reason why the RS table info can't currently be
obtained via a hypercall - Dom0 has nothing to do with it. Plus any
kexec-ed kernel (Linux or other) will, under EFI, want this
information, so a mechanism by which to pass the information to
the secondary kernel without exposing it to entities not having a
need to know would be preferable (albeit I have no idea so far
how that might look like).

Plus, this still doesn't in any way deal with the aspect that was
so far discussed in this thread - SetVirtualAddressMap() being
callable only once.


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