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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH 00/11] Alternate p2m: support multiple copies of host p2m

On 01/17/2015 01:49 AM, Tim Deegan wrote:
> At 13:43 -0800 on 16 Jan (1421412191), Ed White wrote:
>> I've tried to make all my work consistent with existing code
>> and design in the same vein or same source file, regardless of my
>> opinion of that existing content, unless I had some compelling reason
>> not to. I've also tried not to touch anything that I didn't absolutely
>> have to touch (and as I've hinted, I'm not allowed to touch nested p2m).
>> I'm sure I haven't always succeeded, but that has been my intent.
>> My view was that this approach gave me the best chance of getting
>> the work accepted.
> Thank you for that, by the way.  I realise that this kind of review
> can be terribly off-putting because every negative thing has to be
> gone over in detail whereas the positives are pretty well taken for
> granted.  And there is basically no way to get everything right first
> time through -- you'll see that even code from long-time contributors
> goes through the same process.

I'm not upset or discouraged. Now that you all understand at least
in broad terms what I'm trying to achieve, no-one is telling me to
go away and forget the whole idea.

Late last week some of our discussion had become philosophical, so
I thought it was worth making my philosophy clear: I want to make
Xen support these capabilities, and I want to do it properly, and
I want to make it as easy as possible for you to accept the

Righting all the wrongs I perceive in Xen can wait for another


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