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[Xen-devel] how to generate a smaller core with xm dump-core

Hi Maintainers,

We are facing issue collecting coredump using the xm dump mechanism in Dom0.

We face couple of such issues daily, where the VMs panic s and the SA team is supposed to collect the core.

The actual problem is that where the VMs are having huge RAM like 32+ GB RAMs dumping the core using xm dump generated core of almost the same size.

And also when the RAM size is huge the time taken to dump is also huge.

Transferring this core dump of this huge size to another system for analysis is really a pain. I am looking for some solution where we can generate smaller core using xm dump or any other tool.

Something similar to makedumpfile which eliminates the zero and unnecessary pages, which results in core of smaller size.


This has become a hot issue and we terribly need this feature.

Can you come across with anything or are you aware of any feature which could cater our needâ.?

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