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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH v3 04/19] libxl: introduce vNUMA types

Wei Liu writes ("[PATCH v3 04/19] libxl: introduce vNUMA types"):
> A domain can contain several virtual NUMA nodes, hence we introduce an
> array in libxl_domain_build_info.
> libxl_vnode_info contains the size of memory in that node, the distance
> from that node to every nodes, the underlying pnode and a bitmap of
> vcpus.
> +libxl_vnode_info = Struct("vnode_info", [
> +    ("mem", uint64), # memory size of this node, in MiB
> +    ("distances", Array(uint32, "num_distances")), # distances from this 
> node to other nodes
> +    ("pnode", uint32), # physical node of this node
> +    ("vcpus", libxl_bitmap), # vcpus in this node
> +    ])

Can you please document the defaults ?  It's probably tolerable to have
that in the xl documentation (only) so maybe it should go in 19/19.


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