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[Xen-devel] Xen 4.5: revert dpci patches


Two folks (Malcom, Sander) have reported issues with the dpci softirq code and
while I've an fix that fixes it, and this stage I am uncomfortable putting
it in Xen 4.5. As such I am going to revert from Xen 4.5 tree
(only) these patches:

104072f dpci: add 'masked' as a gate for hvm_dirq_assist to process
f6dd295 dpci: replace tasklet with softirq
aeeea48 dpci: move from an hvm_irq_dpci (and struct domain) to an hvm_dirq_dpci 

Which will make that code be as it was in Xen 4.4.

They (patches) are not going to be reverted in staging where
I will continue troubleshooting and fix it.

The proposed patch is 
for those curious folks.

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