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Re: [Xen-devel] [OSSTEST PATCH 3/4] Add nested testcase of installing L2 guest VM

On Thu, Jan 08, 2015 at 07:34:39AM +0000, Pang, LongtaoX wrote:
> > > ts-debian-install installs a L2 PV guest, which should work even
> > > without nested HVM enabled for your L1 HVM guest. You're testing
> > > nested HVM I think it makes more sense to install a L2 HVM guest.
> > >
> > [Pang, LongtaoX] Thanks Wei, I will try to re-use the script of
> > ts-debian-hvm-install as L2, maybe it will make this script become 
> > complicated.
> > If it works, there will not be necessary to modify and use ts-debian-install
> > anymore.
> [Pang, LongtaoX] Hi Wei, for script of ts-debian-hvm-install, as too many 
> parameters, functions, structure and variables are not suit for L2 installing 
> , 
> if I re-use and modify as L2, it will make the script become more convoluted 
> and hard to maintain in later days. 
> So, I plant to write a new script similar to ts-debian-hvm-install, called 
> ts-debian-hvm-install-L2 for L2 guest installing. 
> If you have any concern or other opinions, please tell me, thanks.

Some foreseeable variables I can think of are bios, disk size and ram
size, which can be easily grouped together.  Though you may also need
things like checking whether L2 guest is up and reachable etc.

I'm not too convinced that you really need a new script.  But OSSTest
maintainers may disagree with me. Please wait for them to reply before
implementing any change.


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