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[Xen-devel] Dataset for pre-copy while migrating VM???

My idea is to get dataset of pre-copy at the time of live migration. basically i am planning to write few code into opnesource so i need dataset. actually, from which file/log file i can able to get page modificaiton information. let take scenario,

if VM is migrating, then it will check dirty page in each iteration. if found dirty pages, then it would skip those pages and may send them in next round (not current round) once they are non-dirty. so from which file, these information can be possible to collect/gather or where i can modify code to print such output in xc_domain_save. Verbose -vvv utility can't give detail statastic but it gives number of pages dirty/iteration number etc but non the informaiotn page-vise.....

I get daily message from xen-devel so how to avoid daily messages?


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