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Re: [Xen-devel] [Testday] Arch Linux Test report

Julian Sivertsen <julian.sivertsen+xen <at> gmail.com> writes:

> == Hardware ==
> HP DL380 G5 (2x Intel Xeon 5130)
> == Dom0 ==
> Arch Linux 64-bit
> == Functionality tested ==
> Building xen 4.5 RC4 from the tarball, installing it and booting it up
> with Arch Linux as the Dom0.
> == Comments ==
> Xen support on Arch Linux needs a bit of love. Nummerous problems
> getting the build to work properly. These issues mainly concerrns
> building and installing the xen-4.5-RC4 tarball on Arch Linux. They
> would all be solved by the package maintainer of xen, but still 
> a challange for anyone who would want to build xen outside of the
> Arch Linux package system. More test reports may follow once I get
> guests to run on the system.
> == Issues ===
> Brief: Invalid FETCHER by ./configure
> Importance: nuisance
> Location: xen
> Workaround: Install wget and reconfigure
> The m4/fetcher.m4 script checks for the precence of wget before 
> back to "ftp -o". On Arch Linux curl is shipped and ftp does not 
> the -o option. Resulting in the build failing when downloading zlib.
The xen package under AUR already works around this issue by downloading 
all the necessary supporting tar files itself - I preferred this method 
as it allows me to make use of file checkAsums to ensure that the 
downloads all completed correctly. If a different file were to become 
added that it wasn't aware of, the package has 'wget' listed as a build 

As was already mentioned by Olaf, that would be a documentation issue as 
it should list it as an explicit dependency.
> Brief: Grub script does not generate any entries for xen
> Importance: low
> Location: grub
> Workaround: `echo CONFIG_XEN_DOM0=y > /boot/config-linux`
> The 20_linux_xen grub configuration helper script shipped in the grub
> package in Arch Linux does not generate any entries for xen after it 
> installed as it expects a kernel config file to be present. It checks
> for CONFIG_XEN_DOM0=y in this kernel config file to dertermine whether
> or not the kernel in question supports being runned as a DOM0 under 
> Additionally the variable ${alt_version} is used before it is defined.
> Both of these issues are present in upstream grub.
As we discussed on the xentest irc channel that day, there is already an 
updated configuration file included in the xen AUR package that gets 
installed and will work for grub2. 
> Brief: error: context option is invalid
> Importance: medium
> location: unknown
> Workaround: Edit out ",context=${...}" in var-lib-xenstored.mount
> The context option is not understood somewhere between mount and the
> kernel. Possibly SELinux specific, since the default Arch Linux kernel
> does not ship with it.
> Brief: libxenctrl.so.4.5 not found
> Importance: low
> Location: probably Arch Linux
> Workaround: `echo /usr/local/lib > /etc/ld.so.conf.d/xen.cnf; 
> Something about the library path is messed up, as oxenstored fails 
> launched by systemd. It needs the shared library libxenctrl.so.4.5 
> is located in the /usr/local/lib folder, but doesn't find it.
> Julian Sivertsen



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