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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH for 4.6 07/13] xen: Introduce a generic way to describe device

Hello Zhang,

Please respect the netiquette and avoid lines over 80 characters.

On 18/12/2014 01:12, Zhang, Yang Z wrote:
I'd suggest splitting the changes to common code to a separate patch and also 
CC the VT-d/AMD maintainers.

This patch is already common code. Though, there was some changes in arch/arm because of interdependency. Splitting more won't make more sense.

> Because I didn't find those definitions when reviewing the 8th patch and I need to search the whole patch set to find them.

it's not a new problem. A patch may have a dependency on another patch who has dependency on another one... This would end up to be CCed on every patch and spam your inbox.

I usually provide a git repo with my patch series in the cover letter. So if you miss anything you can look to the code and found the relevant patch.

Anyway... I will CC next time

Sincerely yours,

Julien Grall

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