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[Xen-devel] Packaging xen 4.5.0 RC4 on Arch Linux

I am creating an Arch Linux AUR package for Xen 4.5 RC4. As this
doesn't exist and I am playing around with a xen server. Hopefully
I'll be done in time for the test day. (AUR is a package repository
for build scripts that make packages for the Arch Linux package
manager). The idea is to have something that is usable to build a xen
4.5 RC4 system using Arch Linux as the Dom0.

At the moment I have managed to get xen to build from the 4.5 RC4
tarball, using the following commands in the build script:

    PYTHON=/usr/bin/python2 BISON=/bin/true ./configure \
        --prefix=/usr \
        --sbindir=/usr/bin \
        --enable-systemd \
    PYTHON=python2 make dist
    dist/install.sh "$pkgdir"

The directory tree at $pkgdir is what gets installed when the
resulting package is installed with the package manager. Installing
this mostly works out of the box, with one problem. The default Arch
Linux kernel does not have SELinux, causing the
var-lib-xenstored.mount unit to fail due to an invalid context. This
can be worked around by removing the context option from the mount
options in that unit file.

I couldn't find out which systemd unit files that are supposed to be
enabled for xen to be properly initialized. I'm guessing that
xen-init-dom0 is important as without it, xl doesn't work at all. The
xendomains service mentions it in the After parameter, but After only
does ordering. Is it correct that xen-init-dom0 should not be started
when starting the xendomains.service? Without xen-init-dom0, the
xendomains service does nothing but spew out errrors on my system.

It would be reallly helpful if could get some pointers on how xen
should be built for packaging into a distribution, and whether I'm on
the right track.

Regards Julian Sivertsen

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