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Re: [Xen-devel] Ballooning dom0: insufficient memory (libxl) or CPU soft lockups (libvirt)

>>> On 14.12.14 at 04:20, <mlatimer@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
> - If using virsh, the domain can be created while dom0 is still ballooning 
> down. This results in CPU soft lockups/performance degradation across the 
> entire host. (When creating a very large domain, the soft lockups can be 
> severe enough to kill the machine.)

This is an issue that needs handling independent of the tool stack
issues pointed out. Whether we should discuss this here depends
on whether we suspect the problem to be only with our kernels, or
also with upstream's. It's in any event quite odd for there to be
softlockups in the first place, as in the hypervisor the involved
hypercalls are all preemptible afaict. I'll have to go did through the
data you had provided earlier to see whether there's a complete
enough (and readable) log to be able to tell where there's a lack
of re-scheduling in the kernel.


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