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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH 5/5] tools/hotplug: support XENSTORED_TRACE in systemd

On Fri, Dec 12, Ian Campbell wrote:

> Seems ok. I wonder if the wrapper ought to source
> @CONFIG_DIR@/@CONFIG_LEAF_DIR@/xencommons to obtain XENSTORED_* itself
> rather than relying on the initscript and unit file to do so. Especially
> in the initscript case it looks a bit ugly to have to manually propagate
> things.

It seems all that wrapping is of no use because SELinux can not deal
with it. I will see if "ExecStart=/bin/ary --no-fork $ENVVAR" can be
used to pass additional arguments. If so, the current XENSTORED_TRACE
handling has to be removed in favour of XENSTORED_ARGS=.


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