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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH 2/4] sysctl/libxl: Add interface for returning IO topology data

Additionally please add IN and OUT annotations. When I first saw
this I assumed they would all be OUT (in which case the long running
loop problem mentioned in the reply to one of the other patches
wouldn't have been there), matching their CPU counterpart...
I don't follow this. Are you saying that if ti->max_devs in patch 3/4 is
an IN (which it is) then we don't have to guard for long-running loops?
If they were all OUT then there wouldn't be a way for the entire
operation to be fooled into going over more devices than there are
in the system.

Assuming I add continuations to the loop, too many devices wouldn't be a problem for the hypervisor, would it? If an unreasonable number is provided then eventually copy_from_guest() will fault.


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