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Re: [Xen-devel] PVH cleanups after 4.5

On 04/12/14 17:25, Tim Deegan wrote:
>                      'HVM'       'PVH'
> 64bit hypercalls      Yes         Yes
> 32bit hypercalls      Yes         No
> Paging assistance     Yes         Yes
> ioreq-servers         Yes         No

                                    Perhaps, but no default one.  This
would be required for supporting virtual GPU passthrough to a PVH guest.

> HVM-style CPUID       Yes         Yes
> Interrupt controllers Yes         No     ([x2]apic, ioapic, pic &c)

                                    Yes, if enough APIC virtualization
hardware is available.

> Timers                Yes         No     (rtc, hpet, pit, pmtimer)
> Machine Check regs    Yes         Yes
> Emulated PCI          Yes         No     (PVH to use pcifront?)


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