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[Xen-devel] A few EFI code questions


1) Why is there in EFI code so many functions (e.g. efi_start(),
   efi_arch_edd(), ...) with local variables declared as a static?
   Though some of them have also regular local variables. I do not
   why it was decided that some of them must be the static and
   some of do not. It is a bit confusing. As I can see there is
   only one place which have to have local static (place_string()).
   Other seems to me as thing to save space on the stack but I do
   not think we need that. According to UEFI spec there will be
   "128 KiB or more of available stack space" when system runs in
   boot services mode. It is a lot of space. So, I think we can
   safely convert most of local static variables to normal local
   variables. Am I right?

2) I am going to add EDID support to EFI code. Should it be x86
   specific code or common one? As I can see EDID is defined as
   part of GOP so I think that EDID code should be placed in

3) Should not we change xen/arch/*/efi/efi-boot.h to
   xen/arch/*/efi/efi-boot.c? efi-boot.h contains more
   code than definitions, declarations and short static
   functions. So, I think that it is more regular *.c file
   than header file.


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