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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH for-xen-4.5 1/3] tools/hotplug: distclean target should remove files generated by configure

On Wed, Dec 03, 2014 at 04:53:53PM +0100, Daniel Kiper wrote:
> On Tue, Dec 02, 2014 at 01:36:20PM -0500, Konrad Rzeszutek Wilk wrote:
> > On Tue, Dec 02, 2014 at 04:16:28PM +0100, Daniel Kiper wrote:
> > > Signed-off-by: Daniel Kiper <daniel.kiper@xxxxxxxxxx>
> >
> > This usage scenario which I can see this being useful (and
> > I've tripped over this) is when you rebuild a new version
> > from the same repo. As in, this affects developers, but
> > not end-users and not distros. But perhaps I am missing
> > one scenario?
> >
> > As such I would lean towards deferring this (and the other
> > two) to Xen 4.6.
> As I know Debian build system sometimes complain if make distclean
> does not leave build tree in distclean state (read "state before
> configure" != "state after distclean"). It means that from
> distros point of view we should apply this patch. However,
> other two are not required and we can deffer them to Xen 4.6.

Cc-ing Axel and Debian Xen Team.
> Daniel

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